Blogging is like flossing…

I tried blogging several years ago and it just didn’t stick.

Granted, I may not have had quite the same “flame” under my butt to ignite some long-lasting inspiration like I do now. I’ve recently hit a breakthrough regarding my struggle with blog maintenance. Think of it like flossing. Sure, you’ll brush your teeth because hygiene, well, that’s important. And emails. A solid way to communicate plus, it’s a lot cheaper than most phone plans. But it’s that second tier, the not-quite-neccessary but still beneficial, commitments I have a hard time with. It’s these second-tier commitment where flossing and blogging meet. Flossing. Dentists say you should and I believe them after getting my first cavity drilled at. But will I do it as frequently as brushing my teeth? No. It’s the extra step that most people will admit is not painful or time consuming but simply not life or death. Blogging. Much like flossing. Sure, it’s nice to maintain and update people but will I post as often as I respond to my Nannie’s emails? Not likely.

So here’s where I stand. Aware of the “second tier” commitment issues but wiling to work through them in order to keep my friends and family (those who will actually read this) updated while I’m in Cambodia. And I’ll work on the flossing more regularly thing too. My hope is to use this as a tool to keep y’all in the know while I’m in Cambodia. There will be photos of the things I’m experiencing, with both my eyes and tastebuds.

I’ll be leaving sometime in late January/early February for Phnom Penh, Cambodia and will be there for 1 year working with International Justice Mission as a Aftercare Intern. To learn about this stellar organization (yes, I’m biased) check them out:

Let the pre-departure adventures begin!


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