Giving online is available NOW!

Okay guys, I can now say that giving online is setup and ready to go! A HUGE- mongo/ginormous “thank you” goes to my brother, Mo, for his 1) brilliance, 2) generosity, & 3) patience with yours truly. It took some time to adjust to the funding changes but now that the online giving is setup I feel a large weight lifted from me. Granted, much of that pressure I was putting on myself.

To give, go to “Support” and select DONATE NOW

Fundraising and sharing about my move to Cambodia has been a humbling experience. I am being stretched out of my comfort zone which I knew would be needed. I love spending time with people and feeling connected and known by friends. But this lady needs her solo time and space to recharge the “social” batteries. And there are times when I have to put that want on the back-burner in order to share about International Justice Mission and the work I’m proud to be apart of.

**Lightbulb Moment of the Day The world does not cater to my every need.** 

You may say, “Really, Alexandra? That’s shocking!” Most likely, there’s no surprise there except to me when I feel offended at things changing without my permission. Like I’ve granted myself the captain of this ship* (ship being this internship). I have to roll with the changes and adapt. It’s something that I’m 99.9% sure will be tested further in Cambodia and has left me needing prayer each day as I prepare for the life changing. As a the wise Eric Matthews once said, “Life’s tough, get a helmet.”

But I digress. There have been hurdles, yes. I am still alive and kicking, fact. And I am still ridiculously excited for this internship, you betcha!


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