Cambodia in 4 weeks… jhsduewnckscjneifnd

People that say “I’ve had all the feelings” I never could quite jump on that jargon-bandwagon… until now. I have DEFINITELY  had all the feelings!

I leave for Cambodia Jan 19th and I’m pretty sure I am in denial of the fact that there are only 7 days in a week. And with holiday shindigs, this week will fly by. Oh boy.

To those who celebrate Christmas, I have been trying to remain prayerful during this time. Getting my “things” together is minor compared to emotionally preparing for this trip. For trips or moves, I tend to make lists, check off the to-do’s and run around town like a woman on a mission for the final week(s).  And then departure day comes and once I am alone, finally sitting still, I have a breakdown- some good ole emotional time- because I haven’t allowed myself the time to process the changes.

Present Day: I am trying to be deliberate with my time and setting aside moments to take those deep breaths, plan time with people and rest because those help me gain perspective and are good for me. All the feelings have been knocking at my door like unexpected guests (like in the Hobbit, when Bilbo keeps seeing stranger after stranger enter his house and he’s frantically trying to make sure the dishes aren’t being broken while not understanding the chaos that’s erupted)… Yep, that’s how I have felt lately. Trying to control the very things that are unpredictable. Processing. And grieving the old while anticipating the new.

This was a more somber note but, hey, I am one emotional lady who’s experiencing ALL the feelings. *Insert the movie Inside Out here*



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