Remembering Papaw

Pap and I. Circa 1992 (rough estimate)

There has been so much going on this week in my mind. I debate whether to share this on my blog because it’s more personal, less light and fluffy, and not the mood I intended to set. But alas, it’s important and the events over the past couple of weeks have impacted my lack of sharing about Cambodia with many people.
Some of you may know that my granddad, Papaw’s, health has been slowly declining the past five years. We weren’t sure if he would make it to his 90th birthday this year. But, alas, he did! When I left for Cambodia I was me tally preparing for the possibility that he could pass away while I was a road which was a somber thought to carry through this transition. But I was incredibly thankful for the 4 months I had in Texas prior to my departure to spend with family, Papaw, included.

Last Saturday Papaw passed away in his sleep. It has been a long battle for him and much of me is grateful that he is no longer in pain. His funeral is Friday and I obviously won’t able to attend. So I wrote a note about him for my brother to read for me. I’m sharing it below because I wish everyone could have know David Lawson Sr. He was an incredible man… i’ve been calling him a “stud” and im sticking to it 🙂


I have a picture of Pap hanging on my wall. I guess I thought I might need some tangible memory to look at while abroad. The picture is of him and me when I was around 5 years. He’s holding me, wearing his suit, after church. It’s a snapshot from a day-to-day moment and I love that. Pap was a rock, a man of great faith and deep affection for his family. He was a sacrificial, disciplined and forgiving man. In everything he was prayerful and endlessly nurturing. I learned from him what steadfast faith looks like when it is neither convenient nor self-serving.

He called me his favorite granddaughter even though there was no other choice. Baptizing me when I was younger, I always hoped he’d officiate my wedding. Remembering him reminds me of Jesus and the love he radiated. Pap is now free from pain and is resting with Jesus but that doesn’t make his departure from us any easier. It is well within me to know he is next to Jesus, healed and as joyful as he could ever be. He may have been stubborn and refused to let me win at racquet ball but his generosity and devotion to praising the Lord in every part of his life has left an imprint on my life. I wait for the next time I am with him, in heaven celebrating.


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