Let’s talk about food

Food. A delicious thing and something I enjoy. I enjoy it so much that I have it multiple times a day!

Such a significant portion of my photos are relating to food, I’ve made a separate folder to distinguish I food from people- related images.

Hanging out with friends, celebrating various occasions and people, or exploring new parts of Phnom Penh mist likely means food will be present. And I love it. I became accustomed to potluck meals when I lived in Vermont and I loved it. The simplicity of eating together can create a profound environment to share with each other and generally hangout for hours. So having this continued abroad has been comforting, as a familiar type of entertainment and socialization from home while inserting all kinds of new dishes that quickly remind me “You’re not in America anymore”.

Is this a blog all about food? Yep.But don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll be entertained by the new creatures I’ve tried. That was intended to sound creepy.

What I’ve learned about food in Cambodia.

  1. Kit Kats come in all sorts of flavors
  2. The term “edible” is subjective (see Food Challenge below)
  3. You can incorrectly peel a mango
  4. A food challenge* may be accepted but most likely will NOT be repeated
  5. Sweet condensed milk. You are dangerous but Oh So Delicious!

*What was the food challenge? There have been 3 and I am sure there will be more. 1) Crickets. Crunchy but a bad after taste. 2) Chicken feet. NOPE. No amount of frying or seasoning could convince me to try that again. 3) Balut (click here if you want to know more… if you’re squeamish don’t do it)

Matcha Kit Kats
Matcha flavored Kit Kats
Food Dare
Erlina trying Balut. She went back for more but I only tried it once.
Food Lesson- oranges
Sopheap teaching Erlina and I the art of peeling an orange. That’s not a snake but the entire orange rind in one coil! 
Milk Ice
Ice milk- frozen block of milk shaved like a sno cone with condensed milk and fruit toppings.
Lot 369 breakfast
The reward after getting up at 6am to play soccer.

Moo- me
Sovannara and I found an ice cream shop. The props were a perk that inspired some photos (the sign says “delicious” but I’m not too sure)
toy or food
Neriah said it’s a candy-like snack. The verdict is still out on this one…
Communion night 2
Dinner at our house to celebrate Easter with friends/co-workers.




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