End of Summer


August is almost over?!

Sarah was just here and it was August 9th. The month was still in the warm-up stage before full throttle.

September is quickly approaching and I feel that the next few months or so have the potential to FLY BY!

*Deep breaths*

It’s all good. There’s no ticking time bomb… just the future. So I can calm down… in Khmer you’d say, naow owy s’ngeeum.

Being faced with the next: next step, next move, next transition…. NEXT can be a bit of a fearful word. No ‘bit’ about it, actually. The planner in me assumes that after the word next a plan- steps to action- follows. But as of late, when I think next, “…” follows.

I have a vision for the future but those steps to action are still in the ruminating stage. So my mantra right now is…

All is well. 

Be still. Be calm. 

Don’t forget to pray. 

When a chicken is running around headless, rational thinking does not usually take precedence. But in states of emergency or anxiety CALMNESS is usually a good start. I am neither in a state of emergency nor am I or overtaken with anxiety. Life changes, transitions and new ventures can open doors of possibility. And with that door being open, for me at least, fear tends to sneak in the doorway uninvited. So my little mantra is a preventative measure- preliminary- to the ‘what’s next’ thoughts that continue.

All is well. Be still. Be calm. Don’t forget to pray.




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