For better or for worse

It’s Fall back in the states but that season doesn’t really have the same effect here. The leaves do not change colors with the seasons and neighbors are not winterizing their homes. Instead, weather predicts tropical downpours most days and the temperatures cool to make air-con usage optional. This is ‘fall’ tropics-style.

I was joking with a friend the other day that I feel like I’m in a relationship with Cambodia. For better or for worse, I’m committed to being here for my full term. Sure, we’ve had some rough patches, like any relationship, and I am learning to appreciate more of what this place has to offer. There have been some scuffles but also some bonding moments.

Please note, this is intended as a humorous simile. When I think of the wedding vows, “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health…”, it fits. With initial annoying qualities that I now find endearing, though the same could be said in reverse, I’ve learned so much about myself by being here in the highs and the lows.  From learning Khmer and traveling in new ways to mystery meals and perplexing health challenges, I have not been in want of adventure. And I would not change being here.


Here are some photos from this month…

The BEST [authentic] bowl of ramen I’ve ever had! Mouth watering just thinking about it.
Maggie and I sending ‘hearts’ to Kate-who was missing out- in between the bumps on our drive up to Bokor Mountain. 
We made it to Bokor Mountain! But the real highlight which was an abandoned building. The fog and chilly climate made exploring more fun.



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