International Justice Mission

International Justice Mission is an organization dedicated to protecting people who live outside the protection of the law. Meaning, their current justice systems are broken and corrupt that the poor do not have protection from violence and injustices. 

Learn more about IJM, their model, where they work, and their amazing success stories on their website here.

History of IJM 

Before founding IJM in 1997, Gary Haugen was a human rights attorney working for the U.S. Department of Justice when the United Nations asked him to lead its investigation of the horrific genocide that had engulfed the small African nation of Rwanda.

As Haugen dug through mass graves and massacre sites, he remembers being struck by the terrible truth that the Rwandans who had perished in the violence “did not need someone to bring them a sermon, or food, or a doctor, or a teacher, or a microloan. They needed someone to restrain the hand with the machete—and nothing else would do.”

IJM is now a global team of nearly 600 lawyers, social workers, investigators, community activists and other professionals.

IJM field offices protect the poor from violence in nearly 20 communities throughout the developing world, with partner offices in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands and the UK sharing in the global mission.